Utah Mountain Sports Academy

Outlaw Bike Team

We are a team that takes fun very seriously. Riding bikes is, in our completely unbiased opinion, one of the most soul-satisfying things humans can do. And just like all things, there are various levels of experience that make it that much more satisfying. The more skills you have as a rider, the more enjoyable riding can be. The more adventurous, the more confident, the more creative, and the more innovative you can get on a bike, the more you’ll enjoy it!

We are a team that focuses on building what we call Higher Level Humans. We do this by providing a fun, encouraging, and challenging atmosphere for our athletes to thrive in. We expect them to do hard things daily, and they follow through because of their passion and desire to learn and have fun. We have yet to come across a team member that doesn’t find a home with us.

Not only do we coach our athletes to be the best at their sports, but also the best they can be in life. We call it being a Higher Level Human. We have high standards for our members and encourage them to seek out leadership and educational opportunities that will help them excel in life beyond sports. We feel that ‘extreme sports’ draw a certain type of person, one that is positive, indomitable and solves problems with creativity and an innovative mindset..