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Forging Higher Level Humans


Sports are our method; higher level humans are the goal.


Utah Mountain Sports Academy (UMSA) is a non-profit focused on building character and leadership in student-athletes through mountain sports. Utilizing an education-first approach, UMSA uses athletic endeavors to inspire confidence, build character, and teach lessons that are carried into adulthood.  UMSA is one of the largest youth organizations in the Utah Valley, serving more than 346 student-athletes, ages 6+. The UMSA family serves as a support system for our student-athletes as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of adolescence. 


Our mission is emphasized in the process, not the result. Through this process of self-discovery, independence, and grit, our athletes will become part of a family they’ll never forget. It won’t be easy. Skiing’s ever-changing environment makes it one of the hardest sports to master. We believe that through these challenges, we have an amazing opportunity to teach leadership and character skills that will prepare our members for anything life can throw at them. 




  • Our vision is to create exceptional programs that positively affect junior athletes’ lives for generations to come. 


  • Provide developmental pathways to any level of the sport


  • We will be the best team in the country based on retention, feedback, and accomplishments of athletes and alumni on and off the hill. 


  • We aim to provide scholarships for every athlete in need.


  • We aim to provide professional career paths and continuing education for all coaches.


  • We will always have fun and support everyone.

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"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare

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