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(5 and 6 Year Olds)
Where young rippers soar!
Tuition $1850*
*To provide smaller groups and proper coaching

Program Details

The Mavericks Team is calling all skiing rippers ages 5 to 6 to join us for an epic season in 2024 - 25!  

The Mavericks are the next generation of rippers. Athletes will learn the fundamentals of all mountain skiing and learn the basics of ski racing. They’ll have a ton of fun with their primary coach each week to progress and learn at any pace.  

The goal of the Mavericks Team is to teach all athletes solid fundamentals by passing off certain skills to move onto the Competition Team when they are ready.



Athlete Requirements to Join

  • Confidently ski blues and greens

  • Load the lift with minimal assistance and ease

  • Bring the desire, attitude, stamina, and maturity to learn and train as part of a team


Mavericks Training Info 

  • Focus on all-mountain skiing and skill development

  • Engage in drills and challenges designed to push skill boundaries

  • Introduce basic racing skills on Tuesday nights with drill courses and fun races

  • Enjoy small group ratios of 4:1, or even fewer


Required Equipment - Ensure your little ripper is equipped properly

  • Combi or Multi-Event race ski

  • High-quality boots that fit properly.  Do NOT buy boots to "grow into."

  • High-quality helmet for head and brain protection - yes, it matters what kind of helmet your kid wears


What type and quality of gear your athlete has will play a huge part in their progress on the team. Poor fitting and improper gear will be a waste of your time and our time as coaches. We cannot teach proper skiing skills to athletes on improper equipment. 

Gear up for success! 

We have been doing this a long time and can tell you 100% of the time, when you buy improper gear, you end up paying more down the road.​


Training Schedule

(Mavericks train 2 days a week, choose two)

*Tuesday: 4:45 pm-7:15 pm

Wednesday: 2:30 pm-5:30 pm

Friday: 1:30 pm-4:30 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am-11:30 am

+ 2 Days Start-Up Camp 

+ 2 In-house races in Jan and Feb (for athletes who can successfully demonstrate proper racing skill techniques)

*Tuesday nights are highly recommended and basically required for every athlete as one of their training days. The mountain is open exclusively to Arrowhead Ski Team coaches and athletes only!  The quality of training on these Tuesday nights is critical to the progression of the athletes skiing.

Our Mission


“Build a mindset of Elite Skill Development, Fundamental Focus, and Process to Progress”

  • Elite Skill Development: Emphasize athletic skill mastery and character skills needed to reach elite athleticism and #HigherLevelHumans

  • Fundamental Focus: Master the fundamentals by steady, constant improvement using proven child development, coaching, and mentoring tactics

  • Process to Progress: Focus on the process by creating and managing athlete goals using research-based methods

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